Google I/O 2018 Day 1 highlights: Android P features, Google Assistant updates, Google Camera improvements and more

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Day 1 of Google’s annual developer conference I/O 2018 was full of new announcements and exciting updates for many of Google’s products. Though we didn’t get to know what Google plans on calling Android P, amazing new developments with Google Assistant, Google Lens, and Maps more than enough made up for it.

Google IO 2018


The first major improvement was to Google’s Gmail. Now you can write emails faster with Smart Compose, which will complete sentences in your emails using AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning). Smart Compose is now a part of the new Gmail for consumers, and will also be available for G Suite customers in the workplace in the coming months.

Google Photos

Next up was Google Photos, where a host of suggested actions will pop up on your photos using Google’s ML algorithms right as you’re viewing them. These options include options to rotate, archive, brighten, share and more.

Google Photos.

Google can now use AI to detect the subject of the photo and make the background black and white. It can also use the same AI technology to reproduce colors in a photo that was originally black and white.

Google Assistant

Google has drastically improved its language understanding capability so that you can converse more naturally with Google Assistant. To that end, Google has added six new voices to the Google assistant. With Google’s Continued conversation feature, you’ll be able to have a natural back-and-forth conversation without having to repeat the phrase ‘Hey Google’.

Google has also redesigned the Google Assistant experience for your phones to make it more visual. Now you can get a quick snapshot of the day wherein suggestions will be provided based on the time of day, location and recent interactions with the Assistant.

Google Duplex

Here's how the Assistant can help make a phone call.

Google Duplex is Google’s revolutionary way of handling phone conversations for you. The Assistant has been given the ability to understand complex sentences, voice modulation and long remarks so that it can respond in a human manner. Google Assistant can make dinner reservations, book appointments and more using this technology. Google Assistant will be brought to 80 countries by the end of this year.

Android P

Android P‘s developer preview had already been out since March and now Google has released the official Beta version as well. The good news here is that this is not only for Pixel devices but for Sony Xperia XZ2, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Nokia 7 Plus, Oppo R15 Pro, Vivo X21, OnePlus 6, and Essential PH‑1 as well.

What is new in Android P? Well for one it seems to have focused more on the battery usage and launched a new feature called the Adaptive battery. There is also a more intuitive way of controlling your screen brightness and it is called Adaptive brightness.

New system navigation for Android P.

The App Actions feature will help you get to your next task faster as it will predict what you want to do next. The Slices feature will give you an even deeper look into your favorite apps and suggest activities based on your usage history. For navigation a small bar is present at the bottom to switch between apps more easily and also the volume controls are now vertically aligned instead of horizontal.

Dashboard, App Timer, Wind Down.

Apart from that, there are other features which are more centered around keeping the desired balance of life with technology. The Dashboard feature tells you how much time you are spending on various apps. App timer lets you set time limits to apps that consume a lot of your time. Do Not Disturb silences all notifications, alerts and visual interruptions that might pop up on your screen and Wind Down fades the screen to greyscale at night so that you don’t spend too much time on your phone before sleeping.

Google Lens

Google Lens also got a few upgrades. Smart text selection lets you copy and paste text from the real world to your phone. You can also point Google lens at a particular item and get reviews and price details on it. The updates will start rolling out in few weeks on all Android devices.

Google Lens real text to phone text.

Google Maps

Google Maps is always improving and this year too it got some great upgrades. The redesigned Explore tab will allow you to explore everything nearby and also provide you with instant ratings to those places. Maps will also make use of the camera app to give right directions in case you are unsure where to go. The camera will open and cross-reference the image with Maps to give you visual directions.

Google Camera.

Tapping on a food or drinks place will display your ‘match’ which would tell you how likely it is that you will enjoy that place based on your past choices to eat and drink. You can also now long press places you are interested in to add it to a shareable shortlist that can be viewed by friends and family.

Waymo, Alpahabet Inc’s self-driving car company, also made announcements during Google’s Keynote.

Updated Date: May 09, 2018 02:10 AM


Lenovo Yoga 510 (14″) Laptop


Yoga 510 (14) Intel

Lenovo Yoga 510 (14


Designed for those who want to be different, the Lenovo Yoga 510 (14) has a unique diamond-cut palm rest. It’s also thinner and lighter than earlier generations, and has double the storage too, so you can say goodbye to external hard drives. Along with recharging over 40% faster than regular laptops, the Yoga 510 can be flipped, folded, tilted, or stood to suit your needs.Read more

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  • Features

    Longer battery life with rapid recharge

    The Lenovo Yoga 510 (14) laptop frees you from your power cable. The device delivers up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge. And if you do run low, don’t fret: with rapid recharge technology you get 100% battery restored in only 2.5 hours – over 40% faster than regular laptops.

    Multiple ways to work and play

    A PC when you need it, a tablet when you want it, and more. The Yoga 510 is extraordinarily adaptable. It features four different ways for you to do what you want: Laptop, Stand, Tent, or Tablet. The secret: Yoga 510’s unique hinge and touchscreen display allows the screen to flip around 360 degrees, which means you can select the mode you use based on what you choose to do.

    Lenovo Yoga 510 (14) multimode
    Laptop, Stand, Tent, or Tablet? The choice is yours.

    Up to Windows 10

    It is the familiar feel of Windows, only improved. The Start menu is back, better than ever. Expand it, customize it, make it yours. Work with more of the devices you care about, such as printers, cameras, and USBs. And enjoy additional security features that help to safeguard you against device theft and malicious software.

    Up to 7th Gen Intel® processor

    The new standard for PC performance has arrived with Intel® 7th Gen Core™ processors. This blazing fast, feature-packed processor family with built-in security is ready to take your productivity, creativity, and 3D gaming to the next level. What’s more, by enabling the exciting Windows 10 features,7th Gen Intel® Core™ processors empower you to unleash your imagination and explore the possibilities.

    Lenovo Yoga 510 (14) front right side view, featuring Windows 10
    Windows 10 Home is standard on the Yoga 510

    Thin and light design

    Starting at a mere 3.85 lbs and just 0.82″ thin, the ultraportable Yoga 510 is noticeably sleeker than the previous generation – perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.

    Impressive storage

    Most convertible laptops only give you around 512 GB of storage space. The Yoga 510, however, gives you twice as much with up to 1 TB HDD – meaning you can enjoy the extra space and say goodbye to external hard drives.

    Lenovo Yoga 510 (14) right side view open 180 degrees
    Sleek and lightweight for great mobility

    Dazzling full HD display

    The vibrant 14” FHD (1920 x 1080) display yields bright, detailed visuals for outstanding performance in gaming and multimedia. Ten-point multitouch technology provides a superior touch experience, greater responsiveness, and faster response times. In-plane switching (IPS) technology means the Yoga 510’s display delivers clear visuals over a wide viewing angle – perfect for sharing content with friends.

    Audio by Harman®

    Equipped with stereo speakers featuring Audio by Harman® technology, the Yoga 510 delivers crisp, clear sound – for an enhanced listening experience.

    Lenovo Yoga 510 (14) Harman audio logo detail
    Clearer, crisper sound with Audio by Harman®

    Stylish color options

    The Yoga 510 is available in two distinctive colors – Pearl White and Ebony Black.

    Smile, swap, and sort – in seconds

    Lenovo® Photo Master 2.0 combines a modern photo library with powerful, easy-to-use navigation, and editing tools. Now, with features such as Auto Face Replace and Smart Event Sort, you can organize and optimize your photos to perfection.

    Lenovo Yoga 510 (14) display featuring Lenovo Photo Master 2.0
    Organize and optimize your photos with Lenovo® Photo Master 2.0
  • Tech Specs

    • Intel® Pentium® 4405U Processor (2M Cache, 2.10 GHz)
    • 6th Gen Intel Core™ i3-6100U Processor (3M Cache, 2.30 GHz)
    • 6th Gen Intel Core i5-6200U Processor (3M Cache, 2.3GHz), Turbo Boost 2.0 (2.8GHz)
    • 6th Gen Intel Core i7-6500U Processor (4M Cache, 2.5GHz), Turbo Boost 2.0 (3.1GHz)
    Operating System
    Windows 10 Home 64-bit
    35.56cm (14) HD (1366 x 768), anti-glare
    Capacitive-type multi-touch, supports 10-point
    360° rotation, four modes: Laptop, tent, stand and tablet
    Intel HD Graphics in processor
    PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3L, 4GB / 8GB
    720p with Dual Array Microphone
    • Some: 1TB 5400rpm HDD
    • Some: 128GB / 256GB SSD
    Optical drive
    Dimensions (W x D x H)
    336.4 x 232 x 20.9 mm
    1.75 kg
    Case colour
    2-cell (35Wh)
    Battery life1
    Up to 8.5 hours
    AC adaptor
    6-row, multimedia Fn keys, recovery button (Novo key), backlight
    One-piece multi-touch touchpad
    Fingerprint reader
    Audio support
    HD Audio
    Gigabit Ethernet
    Wireless LAN
    802.11ac, 1×1 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth® 4.0
    Wireless WAN
    • 1 x USB 2.0 (AlwaysOn)
    • 2 x USB 3.0
    • Combo audio/microphone jack
    • 4-in-1 card reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC)
    • HDMI
    • RJ-45
    Preload (only some listed)
    Lenovo OneKey™ Recovery, Lenovo REACHit, Lenovo SHAREit, Lenovo Photo Master, McAfee LiveSafe™ (30 day free trial)

Windows 10 Creators Update Changelog – What is new?

Provogue FKPRO-VB01 28 L Backpack

Windows 10 Creators Update will start being offered starting April 11th, and most users are pretty excited about the new features that it promises to offer. For those users who would like to know about all the changes that will be seen in Windows 10 Creators Update v 1703, this post is meant for you. Let’s take a look at it:

Windows 10 Creators Update Changelog


Windows 10 Creators Update

Major new features

  • Night-light or Blue light reduction
  • New OOBE or Out Of Box Experience
  • Native USB Audio 2.0 support
  • New keyboard shortcut: Win + Shift + S. It lets you select an area on your screen, and an image of it is copied to your clipboard
  • You can now create folders in the Start Menu tile area
  • New Paint 3D Inbox app
  • You can now buy books through the Windows Store and read them In Edge
  • The Win32 Windows Defender has been removed and Windows Defender notification area icon replaced with Windows Defender Security Center icon
  • “Pick up where you left off” feature if you have Cortana enabled
  • On-screen touchpad
  • Updated Bluetooth API with GATT Server, Bluetooth LE Peripheral role, and unpaired Bluetooth LE device connectivity support
  • Game Mode
  • Game Bar now provides support in full screen for an additional 88 titles.

Shells – What’s new

  • Lunar calendar support in the Taskbar-Calendar flyout
  • You can now connect to a VPN from within the Network fly-out after selecting it
  • Registry editor got an address bar(and new keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+L
  • Improved high-DPI scaling in Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and Disk Management
  • Desktop wizards like “Map a network drive” and “Extract from zip” will now scale properly when moving from one monitor to another
  • New per-application enhanced scaling mode
  • New default tile layout for clean installs
  • New Share experience, UI, and icon
  • Improved the System Tray logic to be more robust when bad data is presented
  • Notifications in the Action Center now support inline progress bars
  • Behavior of the scrollbar has been improved for apps using the Creators Update SDK
  • The “Settings” entry in the taskbar context menu has been renamed “Taskbar settings”
  • The “All apps” button in Start will now show a badge with the number of new apps.

Windows 10 Creators Update Settings app changelog

  • New “Apps” settings page consolidates many previously scattered settings
  • New “Gaming” settings category
  • “Wi-Fi Sense” and “Paid Wi-Fi Services” have been merged into the new “Wi-Fi Services” on the “Wi-Fi” page
  • New option under “Storage” allows you to let Windows 10 remove unused temporary files and files that have been in the recycle bin for longer than 30 days
  • Dynamic lock introduces
  • PCs will no longer have to reboot after turning on Developer Mode
  • Setting up Windows Hello now provides visual guidance which tracks your face in real-time
  • Improved design on the Printers & Scanners, as well as the Storage Usage settings page
  • You can now hide the apps list in the Start Menu
  • Custom accent and background color picker
  • You can now set websites to open in apps if the website allows it
  • Custom scaling factors now possible
  • “Theme” section in settings
  • “Enhanced” Telemetry choice removed
  • More custom gestures for precision touchpads including custom key macros
  • You can now let Windows block most non-Store apps or ask for confirmation before installing
  • Under “Restart settings” you can now require Windows Update to show more notifications before restarting.

Windows Update experience changes

  • Windows Update has a new icon, resembling the outline of the Windows-logo with two circling arrows in it
  • Ability to defer or pause Cumulative Security Updates for 7 days
  • The option to prevent Windows Update from installing drivers has been removed
  • Numlock setting, UAC settings, startup shortcuts, custom (registry) scan code mappings, optional components, custom printer names and folders pinned to the Start Menu are now preserved through updates
  • Apps that have been de-provisioned from your OS image won’t install again automatically unless you reinstalled them yourself
  • Apps you have previously uninstalled will no longer be installed with every new upgrade
  • Windows Update will now ask you to schedule a pending update if no good timeslot to update automatically can be found
  • Unified Update Platform will make future updates smaller.

Changes in Microsoft Edge

  • Edge will now open the Connect pane when clicking “Cast media to device”
  • Improves the behavior of the “Find on page” feature to show the found result more central in the page
  • eBook Reader – including reading books aloud
  • Automatically blocks flash
  • Full-color emojis
  • WebRTC 1.0 now on by default
  • H.264/AVC is now enabled by default for RTC
  • Re-deferral support
  • Chakra JIT is not out-of-process by default
  • Support for SharedArrayBuffer and WebAssembly behind the Experimental JavaScript Features flag
  • Web Notes has a new icon and works like Ink Workspace now
  • Set tabs aside (and share them!)
  • Run .exe download without saving it
  • New PDF toolbar + search
  • Improved performance, reliability and support for today’s and tomorrow’s web standards and new technologies
  • You can now import and export favorites from and to a file
  • In addition to “Alt+D” and “F6”, You can now also use “Ctrl + O” to move focus to the address bar
  • When using the “uBlock Origin” extension, Edge would sometimes prompt to download websites instead of opening them – that is now fixed!
  • Regressions or neutral/subjective changes ?:
  • It is no longer possible to disable an alarm on the lock screen
  • Kernel debugging over 1394 has been removed.

Cortana change log

  • Cortana can now shut down, restart and lock your device
  • You can set Cortana not to listen when Win+C is used
  • When searching for an app in Cortana, it will now show you commands that work within that app
  • Cortana Time-based reminders can now be recurring every month or year
  • Cortana can now change the volume of your device
  • If the device is idle, saying “Hey Cortana” will show a full-screenUI optimized for long distance reading.

UWP and Apps noteworthy changes

  • New inbox “Quick Assist” App. Request remote help from friends or assist friends remotely even on Home Edition
  • New inbox “Mixed Reality” App
  • Apps can now make custom groups for notifications and overwrite the timestamp in their notifications
  • New rendering technology for all UWP apps
  • Reliability improvements to UWP apps
  • Apps can now implement compact mode, which allows an app to be shown on the screen in a small window on top of the window that’s currently in focus like Picture-In-Picture.
  • Alarms from 3rd party alarm apps can now break through Quiet Hours.

Hyper-V changelog

  • You can override the scaling in Hyper-V Virtual Machines
  • You can resize Hyper-V windows in Enhanced session mode
  • Hyper-V instances will now remember your zoom level for the next session.

Other changes made in Windows 10 Creators Update:

  • The “Open command window here” context menu item has been replaced with “Open PowerShell window here”
  • Command Prompt has been replaced with PowerShell in the Win + X menu by default – same in File Explorers extended context menu
  • Windows Hello recognition has been improved
  • Improved video playback quality on the target device when using Miracast to connect between a high-DPI PC to another high-DPI device
  • Narrator keyboard shortcut changes introduced. It can now explain context of whatever it is reading
  • OAuth is now supported for Yahoo Mail accounts
  • Rainbow flag emoji added
  • Support for spatial sound – e.g. Dolby Atmos
  • live streaming now built-in to the GameBar
  • Windows will now respond better when Win+L is pressed when playing a full-screen game
  • The Alt + F4 Shutdown dialog has been improved to better handle DPI changes with external monitors
  • Updated advanced properties in Sounds control panel to allow you to select 24 and 32 bit at 176400Hz, and 16, 24 and 32 bit at 352800 Hz as the default format for devices that support it
  • The Trusted Platform Module Management control panel has been updated to provide more info when the TPM is “Not ready for use” or “Ready for use, with reduced functionality”
  • Snipping tool can now be used completely without a mouse
  • Installing Bash on Ubuntu on Windows will now install version 16.04 instead of 14.04
  • Many many WSL improvements lead to better compatibility – for example, ifconfig works now!
  • You can now launch Windows binaries from a WSL command prompt, and Linux binaries from Windows by calling “bash.exe -c
  • When you turn off Wi-Fi, you can now set it to turn back on automatically on a timer
  • Can now set all audio to be mono
  • You can now disable Microsoft from using diagnostic data to provide a tailored experience
  • On devices with more than 3.5 GB memory, service hosts will be split into individual processes
    – When one process fails, it will no longer take down the whole service host
    – Task Manager will give a better overview of what Windows is doing in these background processes
    – It will be easier to troubleshoot which process is causing issues for both IT pros and Microsoft
    – Process will now all have their own individual permissions, improving security
  • Improved precision touchpad recognitions for left and right clicks, two-finger taps, improving pin-to-zoom and two-finger tap detection
  • Improved recognition for 3 finger gestures for precision touchpads
  • Improved frame rates when the Game bar is being shown on full-screen games
  • Wi-Fi Calling has been added
  • Improved scaling for games that have a different aspect ratio than the native display resolution
  • Braille support
  • Ink Workspace has improved performance and reliability plus small improvements to usability.

Moto G5 Plus



Release Date: May 05, 2017 (Unofficial) Market status: Rumoured Users Viewed: 20,203 Updated on: Feb 21, 2017

Moto G5 Plus Price

  • Moto G5 Plus
  • Moto G5 Plus

Rs. 19,990(Expected Price )


This product has not been announced yet, and is based on unofficial preliminary specifications.

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Key SpecsSee Full Specs

Android v7.0 (Nougat)
  • Performance

    Octa Core, 2 GHzSnapdragon 6254 GB RAM

  • Display

    5.5 inches (13.97 cm)Full HD, 401 PPIIPS LCD

  • Camera

    12 MP Primary CameraDual-color LED Flash5 MP Front Camera

  • Battery

    3000 mAhTurbo ChargingNon-Removable

  • Supports Indian bands
  • 64 GB + 128 GB Expandable
  • Dual SIM
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Gorilla Glass 3
  • Splashproof
  • FM Radio

Nokia 6




Nokia 6
  • Dual Sim, 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi
  • Octa Core, 1.4 GHz Processor
  • 4 GB RAM, 64 GB inbuilt
  • 3000 mAH Battery
  • 5.5 inches, 1080 x 1920 px display
  • 16 MP Rear + 8 MP Front Camera
  • Memory Card Supported, upto 128 GB
  • Android, v7.0
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • High Quality Cameras
  • Latest Android
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Average Battery
Rs. 16,999 (Expected)


Display In Groups

Has Dual Sim
Use multiple sims at the same time. It allows you to use two services without the need to carry two mobile phones at the same time.
Has A Responsive Touch Screen
Capacitive, MultiTouch
Touch Displays offer a more interactive experience.
Quite Big Screen
5.5 inches
Reading, browsing internet and watching videos is more pleasing experience on a bigger screen.
High Resolution Screen
Images, videos and text will look more sharp and clear.
Sharp Screen
~ 401 ppi
Images, videos will look amazing on this sharp and clear screen. Text will be easier to read.
High Resolution Camera
16 MP with AutoFocus
High resolution camera for taking sharp and clear photos.
Has Flash For Camera
Dual LED
Having a camera flash allows you to take photos in low light.
Supports HD Video Recording
1080p @ 30fps
You can record videos of beautiful moments, sceneries and watch them later.
Has Front Camera
8 MP
Front Camera enables you to take your own photos and do videocalling (on supported devices).
Supports Memory Card
upto 128 GB
Memory cards give your device more storage capacity. So you can store more songs, photos and videos.
Lots Of Storage Capacity
64 GB
More storage allows you to store more songs, videos, photos and install more applications.
Octa Core CPU
More cores result in better parallelism, meaning more tasks can be processed in parallel without slowing down the User Interface.
Lots Of RAM
4 GB
Lots Of RAM means more applications can run at the same time, which makes the phone faster.
Supports 3G
3G Enabled Handsets give you more download speed and a faster internet experience.
Supports 4G
4G Enabled Handsets give you more download speed and a faster internet experience than 3G.
Supports WiFi
You can connect to wifi hotspots in your area to experience a superior internet experience.
Supports Bluetooth
Bluetooth enables you to wirelessly listen to music and calls using bluetooth headsets.
Has Fingerprint Sensor
You can use fingerprint sensor to quickly unlock your phone using your finger.
Supports GPS
GPS is used for determining your location. You can get directions to a place with the help of GPS.
Has A 3.5mm Headphone Jack
Having 3.5mm Jack enables you to connect to large number of other devices (such as speakers, headphones) having 3.5mm Port.
Supports Video Player
Watch your favourite video songs and movies in video player. It supports MP4, H.264 file types.
Supports Music Player
Listen to your favourite songs in music player. It supports MP3, WAV, eAAC+, FLAC etc. file types.
Supports FM Radio
Listen to your favourite radio stations on your phone. Enjoy music on the go with FM Radio.


Display In Groups

Doesn’t Support VoLTE
You can’t use this to make calls over 4G network (a 3rd party app can be used instead though).
Can’t Output To TV
You can’t connect your phone to a TV.
Doesn’t Have A Compass
Compass Determines direction facing relative to North, East, West and South.
Non-Removable Battery
Cannot switch off phone by removing battery when your phone freezes. Also cannot replace the battery or use spare battery when battery performance is degraded.


Report An Error

Sim Type: GSM+GSM
Dual Sim: Yes
Device Type: Smartphone
Release Date: January, 2017
Type: Color IPS screen, 16M colors
Touch: Yes, with Multitouch
Size: 5.5 inches, 1080 x 1920 pixels
PPI: ~ 401 PPI
Features: Corning Gorilla Glass (unspecified version) Screen Protection
Internal: 64 GB inbuilt
Card Slot: Yes, upto 128 GB
3G: Yes
4G: Yes
Wifi: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
USB: Yes
GPS: Yes, with A-GPS Support
Fingerprint Sensor: Yes
Sensors: Fingerprint
3.5mm Headphone Jack: Yes
Camera: Yes, 16 MP with autofocus
Features: Face detection, Geo tagging, Panorama, Touch to focus
Video Recording: Yes, 1080p @ 30fps
Flash: Dual LED
Front Camera: Yes, 8 MP
OS: Android, v7.0 (Nougat)
CPU: 1.4 GHz, Octa Core, Qualcomm MSM8937 Snapdragon 430 Processor
GPU: Adreno 505
Java: No
Browser: Yes, supports HTML
Supports: MMS, Instant Messaging
Email: Yes, with Push Mail
Music: MP3, WAV, eAAC+, FLAC
Video: MP4, H.264
FM Radio: Yes
Document Reader: Yes
Type: Non-Removable Battery
Size: 3000 mAH, Li-ion Battery

How to sideload apps in Windows 10

In Windows 10, Microsoft made it possible to sideload Universal apps easily. It is very useful when you have an APPX package of an app which is not available in Windows Store. Let’s see how it can be done.

Sideloading is the ability to install apps from outside the Windows Store. If you were using Metro/Modern apps in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, you might be already knowing that Microsoft locked those operating systems to run apps only from Windows Store. Sideloading apps in Windows 8 was really a hard task.

To sideload apps on Windows 10, you need to enable one option in Settings and then use PowerShell to install the APPX package. Do it as follows.

How to sideload apps in Windows 10

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Update & security – For developers:update-and-security-for-developer
  3. Under “Use developer features”, you need to enable the option Sideload apps as shown below. You’ll need to confirm your choice:confirm-sideloadingsideload-apps

From now on, you can install an APPX package from any source.

Once you download it, double click the APPX file to install it and follow the “Install app” wizard.

app-installerIf it doesn’t work, try with PowerShell as follows.

Open a new PowerShell in the folder which contains the app file. It can be done as mentioned in the following article: All ways to open PowerShell in Windows 10

windows 10 run powershell from search

From the folder with the appx package, run the following PowerShell command to install the appx package:


That’s it.